FAQs - Frequently asked Questions

Franchise Area: 1 Licence has 200.000 inhabitants (regional/ geographically requirements will be considered) with territory protection. In each Franchise area just 1 Licence for Groundfloor24 in the main category (see Franchise Partner – Categories).
Number of Licences: at least 1 Licence.
Multi Franchise Units: We offer the option to have Multi Franchise Units (different Franchise Partner – Categories) and/or larger areas with Groundfloor24. Also in combination with our Company Partner Real Estate Matching – Real Estate Matching24.
Requirements: In general is the aim to have an Office. With 1 Licence you can start without an Office and in the following time you can open an Office for your Business, if there is a need.
Licence costs (starting fee): 1. Licence cost 900 Euro (most of the countries) and the 2. Licence cost 50% of the first Licence. The requirements for the 50% Reduction of a second Licence are, that the Franchise Area is adjacent to the first Franchise Area and you have or open an Office for your Business (it can be at Home). Otherwise cost the 2. Licence the same like the first Licence. If you are
interested in more than 2 Licences, please write us to franchisepartner@rgroundfloor24.com. The first two Franchise Partners in each Country have to pay a starting fee from 300 Euro instead of 900 Euro.
Monthly fees: for Franchise Partner a fixed amount and a percentage of the turnover or income and for Co-branding Franchise Partner a fixed amount depending on the number of employees. If you are interested in and you would like to receive more information, please write us to franchisepartner@groundfloor24.com